Sylvia's Sampler Quilt

Sylvia’s Sampler Quilt

Picked up the baby quilts for Anne and the sampler quilt for me at the Mill
store. Thank you so very much for the  obvious personal effort and
creativity that you put into the sampled quilt of mine. This was a block of
the month class which I had never done before and I put a lot of time and
effort into each block. It is so awesome to see what you did with each
section. It means so much to me that is so beautifully quilted! This one is
staying on my couch!
Also, thanks for the delivery to the Mill Store.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!


Emily,  I LOVE the quilting that you did on my quilt!!!  I love the little pine cones and leaves and everything! It must take you hours to do that. I am getting ready to make 50 miles of binding for it now. I didn’t remember it being so big!  Thanks so much. Lucy


Peg's Paper Pieced Trees

Peg’s Paper Pieced Trees

How lucky I am to have found Emily. She is a talented longarm quilter who is able to add unique touches to my quilts. Using her free motion skills she fills empty space with expertly chosen motifs either from the quilt’s theme or the fabrics used. With a genius eye for color and a gift for choosing the perfect accent to make my quilts truly special, Emily is truly a “longarm diva”!  ~Peg, Greenville, Maine