quiltflowerThank you for visiting.  My goal is for this blog to be interactive.  If you have a question or would like information, let’s start a conversation and delve into answers and ideas.  Perhaps there’s a sewing technique you haven’t dared to try because you want a few tips before you start…  Maybe you’re curious how I decide on patterns for long-arm quilting…    Please ask!

As I said on my website home page, I have a passion for sewing and quilting.  I want to continue to learn and perfect my hobby.  I appreciate your interests, talent, and time!  Sew on!!

Niemeyer Vintage Compass

Judy Niemeyer makes fantastic paper pieced quilt patterns!  This quilt is called Vintage Compass, and I had the pleasure of longarm quilting it! … [Continue reading]

The Quilt That Kicked My Butt

Creating longarm quilting designs for quilts is enjoyable to me.  When I'm given the opportunity to "quilt as desired", I'm even happier.  And that is why this quilt stumped me.  Absolutely just stymied my mind.... … [Continue reading]

The Joy of Longarm Quilting

Why do we quilt? Because we want to be creative?  Because we want to make a keepsake for someone we love?  Because we want to cut something whole into little pieces to make a new "whole"?  Sometimes I wonder.... … [Continue reading]

Longarm Quilting Wonky Stars

This was a fun quilt to have on my longarm quilting machine!  I love the colors and the quirky points on the stars.  My instructions for quilting it were to keep it fun but not childish and to blend the thread color with the front and back. … [Continue reading]

One Quilt Three Ways

Three of my customers recently purchased kits to make the same quilt.  They used the same fabrics with the exception that borders were a little different in size or quantity.  How could I make them all beautiful but different? … [Continue reading]

Comments on a Labyrinth

In a recent post I wrote about longarm quilting a Labyrinth for my friend Dianne.  She was kind enough to share her thoughts about her quilt making process.  Please visit Dianne's blog, A Quilted Life. … [Continue reading]

Quilting a Labyrinth

I love labyrinths!  A meandering path in the woods leading to a center.  Strolling in contemplation.  But how do you quilt a labyrinth?  How indeed? … [Continue reading]

Follow Up to Sometimes Quilts Need to Relax

  I had several requests for photos of a challenging-to-quilt top that I just completed.  I blogged about my process in tackling the quilt here.  What do you think of the end result? Here's the reverse: And the cutest squirrel ever … [Continue reading]

Sometimes Quilts Need to Relax

Every once in awhile I receive a challenging top to quilt.  The challenge may be deciding what design to quilt or whether I should free motion quilt.  And sometimes the challenge is CAN I quilt the top?  This is one of those times.  Click here to … [Continue reading]

Splendid Sampler Lots of Love

Teeny, tiny pieces!  Block 3, Lots of Love, in the Splendid Sampler has convinced me to always keep my scraps because you just never know when they'll be exactly what you need. … [Continue reading]