About Emily’s Quilting

Hi, my name is Emily. Thank you for visiting my site. I have a passion for quilts and sewing!!  Please visit my blog by clicking here or on the tab at the top of this page.

I began quilting at 11 years old with my mother and grandmother. In 2000 my mother bought a Gammill Long Arm Quilting Machine. Mom and I worked together and built a business in Maine with customers as far away as California, Florida, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Canada!

quilting detail decagon quiltIn 2006, I purchased my own Gammill machine due to relocating. Now that my children are grown, I still work with my mother but my goal is to sustain myself financially by doing what I love.

I enjoy custom quilting but also have a multitude of pantograph patterns.  Designing new patterns specially for your quilt is an enjoyable part of my work. I use variegated and invisible threads as well as solid colors at no extra charge.  The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing how your quilt is finished.

Howling Wolves on Brenda's Quilt

Howling Wolves on Brenda’s Quilt