Niemeyer Vintage Compass

Judy Neimeyer Vintage Compass

Judy Niemeyer makes fantastic paper pieced quilt patterns!  This quilt is called Vintage Compass, and I had the pleasure of longarm quilting it!

Niemeyer Paper Pieced QuiltWonky QuiltPleasure, that is, once I decided how to quilt it.  Judy Niemeyer’s quilts are showstoppers!  Someone was trusting me to enhance their masterpiece.  I don’t take this lightly.  As someone who loves to sew, I know the hours this person took to get their quilt to this point.  Gulp….

Paper pieced quilts are wonderful in their precise points.  They’re not so wonderful because of seam bulk, however. Any seam not sewn perfectly will make a quilt wonky.  There will be excess fabric and the quilt will not lay flat. Quilting a quilt such as this can be challenging as well as time consuming.  Also, hitting dense seams with the machine needle can wreak havoc on the machine’s timing and possibly break the needle.

I chose to do lots of quilting alternating with outlining of certain features.  This gives a quilt balance.  It also helps reduce bulk.  In addition, dense background quilting allows the center to pop.  Background stitches were “McTavishing”.  There is pebbling in some of the compass points alternating with curving half feathers.  This made me think of wandering.

I chose a neutral colored thread to blend into the background and also to highlight some of the secondary hues in the other fabrics.  The goal is to enhance a quilt with stitching – not remake the quilt with bold colored thread.  I have never had anyone suggest it should be otherwise.

I love the finished quilt!

Judy Niemeyer Vintage Compass

And here’s a portion of the back.

Image of Judy Niemeyer Vintage Compass Quilting

The finished product showed no puckers, pleats, or baggy excess fabric.  Longarm quilting “sometimes” can fix a quilt top that’s a wee bit off.  Patience, practice, and time is all it takes!  (And gallons of coffee, and takeout for dinners and a maid for the housework….)


  1. Gorgeous, my friend…and what a work of long arm precision and expertise. Kudos! Dianne

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