The Quilt That Kicked My Butt

Machine Quilting Example

Creating longarm quilting designs for quilts is enjoyable to me.  When I’m given the opportunity to “quilt as desired”, I’m even happier.  And that is why this quilt stumped me.  Absolutely just stymied my mind….

Dimensions of the quilt are 104″ x 104″ (even though the customer said 100″ x  100″).  The quilt is well-made, meaning the seams are in alignment more or less as they should be.  A quilt that lays well on my Gammill machine makes my job easier when I’m not patting and smoothing every section of the quilt top.  Also, I was given free reign of how to quilt this quilt.  Yay!  I love having control!  I knew I wouldn’t do an allover pattern as I felt the design needed enhancement and allover quilting would pack down and take away from the white in the quilt.

My idea was to stitch in the ditch every seam.  Can you say T-I-M-E  C-O-N-S-U-M-I-N-G???  Oh, my!!  But once you start, you must finish….  I made a double feather fill and alternated directions of the feathers so the eye doesn’t move rapidly over the quilt but rather is drawn around the quilt.

Seems easy, right?  Yeah.  Easy.  This quilt was on my machine for approximately a week!  I rarely have a quilt on that long!  This quilt kicked my butt!  Could it have been my age?  My shoulders and wrists ached.  Could it have been my motivation?  I kept getting drawn outside to snowshoe and shovel snow.  Could it have been — well, what could it have been?  Wish I knew.

Front and Back of machine quilted queen size quiltThe quilt is completed and awaiting pick up by its owner.  I’m hopeful she’ll love the end result as I do.

And here’s a shot of the back.  (I’m not a photographer.  The back is navy blue – not the overexposed flash color shown here.)Detail of dense quilting

I’m off to clear my head in the brisk winter air and dream up more quilting ideas!


  1. Kathy in WV says:

    The quilting is beautiful…and transforms a lovely quilt top into a breathtaking quilt! Well done!!!

  2. Thank you, Kathy! Seriously, I’m not sure why this quilt was a struggle for me. I guess we all need these challenges, or bumps, to keep us humble…

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