Longarm Quilting Wonky Stars

Wonky Stars QuiltThis was a fun quilt to have on my longarm quilting machine!  I love the colors and the quirky points on the stars.  My instructions for quilting it were to keep it fun but not childish and to blend the thread color with the front and back.

I used an ivory colored thread as I felt white might be too stark on the background which was red with some patterns.  Thank goodness it was a solid back!  How would I ever have blended any color thread with the white background fabric on the front?

Wonky Stars Quilt BorderI’ve been enjoying piano key borders and making them less “straight” by quilting lines which follow the seams but also curve to the next line.  The lines were not equal distance apart adding interest to the border.  Fun, right?

Melon ball stitching quilt patternAt each border intersection is a cornerstone or hourglass block which I stitched in the ditch around the edges and then melon ball stitched to carry the theme of melon ball stitching in the star points.  This stitching was done continuously as the border was quilted.  No starting and stopping the machine between border and cornerstones.

Free motion quilting Wonky Stars QuiltThe stars were stitched in the ditch.  I used melon ball stitching in the star points and curliques radiating out from between each point.  Lastly, I stitched in the ditch around the square centers and made wonky star flowers in the middle – sort of wonky, that is.  The star flowers were not uniform.  As a quilter, sometimes it is hard to quilt random designs.

I quickly found a way to do each block and its surrounding border without starting and stopping my Gammill non-computerized machine.  Quilters who have simple machines – machines you hand guide and cannot walk away from – always seek ways to stitch continuously.

The result is fun, but not childish, with a thread color that blends on the front and the back of the quilt. How have you or would you quilt Wonky Stars?


  1. Dianne Harson says:

    Very cool quilt and great quilting job, Em. Dianne

  2. Mary Pawluk says:

    I really like the swirls coming out of the stars. They keep the design soft without taking away from the points. Emily, your work in beautiful and so interesting. A person could wrap up in the quilt and enjoy looking for the variety of patterns., Mary

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