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Block Quilt Sometimes a quilt will scream out how it should be quilted; sometimes it whispers; and sometimes it’s silent.  When it screams, my job is easy.  If it whispers, I still listen and my job is still easy.  When a quilt is silent, my job is tough!

quilt5 Recently I was asked to quilt this quilt.  The instructions were “do anything”.  I really want my customers to be thrilled with their quilts.  If I haven’t met the quilter, I can’t know if they like funky quilting, traditional quilting, or something else entirely.  And when I look at this quilt, I see two distinct designs —  pinwheels and big blocks.  See what I mean?quilt4

The pinwheels didn’t jump out at me, but I definitely saw the potential for a design to swirl out from the center of the other block.  I also wanted my thread to blend with all the beautiful batik colors, yet not overwhelm the white pinwheels.  Traditional stippling was my choice for the pinwheels.

Borders were done with a freehand replica of the center block design.  This quilt was 90″ x 90″ – somewhat large.  I enjoyed the process and really love the end result.  I’m hopeful my customer will be pleased.

quilt2I welcome thoughts and ideas for determining how to choose a design when quilting for someone who says “do anything”.



  1. Wow! I like the stippling but adding the pinwheels to this really made it pop! Great job!

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