A Woodland Quilt

lindasquilt1In November of 2014 my friend Linda asked me to make a quilt for her son for CHRISTMAS 2014!  She wanted something with a woodsy theme and told me her son loved fishing.  Linda and her husband have a small cabin on their property. The wheels in my head started turning….

My first thought was: Can I do this in a month?  Assemble, quilt, and bind?  Hmmmm.  Sure, I have NOTHING else going on.  Haha!!  I looked through my stash of patterns and found a series of blocks called Postcards from Pine Tree Lodge.  Sounded promising.  Many of the blocks I loved; however, there were some that I just would not make.  Not because of difficulty, mind you.  For instance, one was a tic!  Yes, a tic!  That horrible insect that creates so much havoc for so many people.  I shouldn’t include that.  I wouldn’t include that.  I didn’t include that!

moosequiltingI substituted rows and blocks that didn’t seem “woodsy” enough for made up blocks and borders.  For instance, the border at the bottom of the quilt, above the thin red border, is made entirely of scraps from blocks in the quilt.  I ask:  Why waste big scraps that can be used as fillers in quilts?  And the scraps will flow WITH the quilt as they are already FROM the quilt.  Another example of using scraps can be seen in the picture detailing the moose quilting.  My scrap fillers are not traditional, but I really like them.  Waste not; want not I say!

It’s hard to tell from my picture — photographer I am not! – but there is a block of bobbers and flies under the blocks of ducks.  Some of the pieces used to make the flies were 3/4″!  Just a speck of black was showing.  It seems ridiculous to use such small pieces, but the end result is worth it.  I love this kind of quilting!  My advice is use a very sharp needle, quality fabric, and don’t make a mistake.  It’s easier to cut another piece than to try ripping out such a small seam.  Experience speaks…

I really enjoyed quilting this quilt.  The top was quilted to resemble the night sky.  The middle where the cabin is was quilted to resemble the forest.  Note the deer and moose in the trees.  Below that was the water part of the quilt with ducks — oh, and the blocks on each side of the ducks were made with scraps from the sky section of the quilt!  See, scraps are marvelous!!!  The bottom of the quilt was back to woods.  On the bottom border I quilted a fly rod catching a salmon.  Should have taken a picture of that…  My goal was to have a cabin in the woods near a pond.  I think it worked.  Linda agrees.  How about you?

deerquiltingI’d love to see and hear how others are using their scraps.  Do you make up blocks?  Do you cut strips and squares?  What quilts do you make with them?  Thanks for sharing!


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