Longarm Quilting Wonky Stars

Wonky Stars QuiltThis was a fun quilt to have on my longarm quilting machine!  I love the colors and the quirky points on the stars.  My instructions for quilting it were to keep it fun but not childish and to blend the thread color with the front and back. [Read more…]

Comments on a Labyrinth

Labyrinth CenterIn a recent post I wrote about longarm quilting a Labyrinth for my friend Dianne.  She was kind enough to share her thoughts about her quilt making process.  Please visit Dianne’s blog, A Quilted Life. [Read more…]

Quilting a Labyrinth

Labyrinth QuiltI love labyrinths!  A meandering path in the woods leading to a center.  Strolling in contemplation.  But how do you quilt a labyrinth?  How indeed? [Read more…]

Follow Up to Sometimes Quilts Need to Relax


I had several requests for photos of a challenging-to-quilt top that I just completed.  I blogged about my process in tackling the quilt here.  What do you think of the end result?

Longarm Free Motion QuiltingHere’s the reverse:Back Side of a Challenging Quilt

And the cutest squirrel ever (back side of quilt):Longarm quilted squirrel

Mr. Moose strolling through the trees (back view):Longarm Quilted Moose

I was pretty pleased that nothing puckered!  Speaking of which, here’s a photo of that lumpy border before quilting:Quilt BorderAnd the same spot after quilting:

Free motion quilting

You’ll notice the border does bow in a bit, but it’s not puckered!  <grin>  Be encouraged!  Be P A T I E N T!  Be P E R S I S T E N T!!!

Please share how you tackle challenging quilts – the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Wait.  NO quilt is EVER ugly! But do share so we all can build confidence in quilting and sewing.  Thanks!

Free Motion Quilting Play

Free Motion QuiltingHere’s my latest playing with free motion quilting.   What do you think? [Read more…]

Painting with Thread

Painting with ThreadYesterday I had the pleasure of participating in a thread painting class with Sarah Smith, fiber artist, teacher and author.  Sarah likens thread painting on fabric to using the big box of crayons we had as children.  I wholeheartedly agree! [Read more…]

A Quilt For Dottie

Meandering on my Long-Arm

Meandering on my Long-Arm

I wanted to share some meandering “play” on the back of a quilt made for someone very special in Florida. [Read more…]

New York Beauty

New York Beauty

New York Beauty

Ready for Broadway?  I think so!  These colors are fantastic.  I was asked to quilt with a modern flair to enhance the pattern. [Read more…]

Judy Niemeyer’s Cattails

Judy Niemeyer Cattails Border

Judy Niemeyer Cattails Border

Judy Niemeyer’s quilts are extremely detailed and colorful.  Lots of crisp points achieved by paper piecing.  When I was asked to longarm quilt a Cattails quilt, I was excited, intimidated, and eager! [Read more…]