Choosing Quilting Designs

George Washington

George Washington

This quilt has distinct features.  Obviously, there is a star in the center, George Washington photos, and squiggles and swirls.  I do love squiggles and swirls, but I didn’t want to do an all-over, or pantograph, pattern.  I wanted to make that star “pop”.

George Washington Quilt

George Washington Quilt

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What to do…

Block Quilt Sometimes a quilt will scream out how it should be quilted; sometimes it whispers; and sometimes it’s silent.  When it screams, my job is easy.  If it whispers, I still listen and my job is still easy.  When a quilt is silent, my job is tough! [Read more…]

Brenda’s Bears in the Woods

Brenda's Completed Bears in the Woods Quilt

Brenda’s Completed Bears in the Woods Quilt

When I received Brenda’s Bears in the Woods quilt, her instructions were to quilt as I saw fit.  I truly enjoy when quilters allow me free reign with finishing their quilts.  Here’s what I did: [Read more…]

Playing with Feathers

FreeMotionQuiltingThere is a group of quilters in the Moosehead Lake area that allow me to “play” with their quilts.  [Read more…]