The Quilt That Kicked My Butt

Machine Quilting Example

Creating longarm quilting designs for quilts is enjoyable to me.  When I’m given the opportunity to “quilt as desired”, I’m even happier.  And that is why this quilt stumped me.  Absolutely just stymied my mind…. [Read more…]

The Joy of Longarm Quilting

Why do we quilt?Sampler Quilt

Because we want to be creative?  Because we want to make a keepsake for someone we love?  Because we want to cut something whole into little pieces to make a new “whole”?  Sometimes I wonder….

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One Quilt Three Ways

Batik QuiltThree of my customers recently purchased kits to make the same quilt.  They used the same fabrics with the exception that borders were a little different in size or quantity.  How could I make them all beautiful but different? [Read more…]

Follow Up to Sometimes Quilts Need to Relax


I had several requests for photos of a challenging-to-quilt top that I just completed.  I blogged about my process in tackling the quilt here.  What do you think of the end result?

Longarm Free Motion QuiltingHere’s the reverse:Back Side of a Challenging Quilt

And the cutest squirrel ever (back side of quilt):Longarm quilted squirrel

Mr. Moose strolling through the trees (back view):Longarm Quilted Moose

I was pretty pleased that nothing puckered!  Speaking of which, here’s a photo of that lumpy border before quilting:Quilt BorderAnd the same spot after quilting:

Free motion quilting

You’ll notice the border does bow in a bit, but it’s not puckered!  <grin>  Be encouraged!  Be P A T I E N T!  Be P E R S I S T E N T!!!

Please share how you tackle challenging quilts – the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Wait.  NO quilt is EVER ugly! But do share so we all can build confidence in quilting and sewing.  Thanks!

Sometimes Quilts Need to Relax

Challenging QuiltEvery once in awhile I receive a challenging top to quilt.  The challenge may be deciding what design to quilt or whether I should free motion quilt.  And sometimes the challenge is CAN I quilt the top?  This is one of those times.  Click here to watch a video of me quilting a portion of this quilt. [Read more…]

Landscape Quilts

Quilted Landscape QuiltHaving been intrigued by landscape quilts for years, I’m beginning my journey of learning the process.  I envision using many different types of fabrics and threads.  While some people paint their landscape quilts to achieve beautiful results, I’m focusing primarily on fabric and thread. [Read more…]

Simple Stars

Unquilted Star Block

Unquilted Star Block

The instructions for longarm quilting this star quilt were to keep it simple without a lot of quilting.  Right away I knew I wanted the stars to be stitched in the ditch.  Initially I thought I would quilt loops and curls in the background.  I love that look, but it fancies up a block and isn’t what I’d call simple. [Read more…]

Peg’s Paper Pieced Trees

Precision is found in paper piecing.  Getting crisp points is achieved easily with this method.  My friend and fellow quilter Peg is the Queen of Paper Piecing!  This is her latest project:

Peg's Paper Pieced Trees

Peg’s Paper Pieced Trees

Peg wanted her trees to “pop”.  She chose the quilting design and asked that I change thread colors to blend with each block.  Her border was quilted to represent bark.  You can see a small portion of the border in the previous photo.

Auditioning Thread Colors

Auditioning Thread Colors

Don’t you love these trees?!

Here is part of the back of her quilt.

Back of Peg's Quilted Trees

Back of Peg’s Quilted Trees

Thank you, Peg, for allowing me to quilt your trees and display the project here!


Suzan's Birdhouse Quilt

Suzan’s Birdhouse Quilt

Suzan made a birdhouse quilt for her daughter, Lucie, who lives in England.  At a quilt weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing Suzan work on her quilt.  She made pinwheels and trees along with birdhouse blocks.  To watch Suzan arrange and rearrange quilt blocks was fascinating.  She has a keen eye for the flow of colors and designs. [Read more…]

Quilting With Minky!

Quilted Minky

Quilted Minky

Quilting started as a necessity.  People needed warm bedding in cold weather.  Our ancestors used scraps of fabric from wherever they could get them, even using grain sacks.  Beauty wasn’t the first goal; warmth was.  My! how times have changed!

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