Brenda’s Bears in the Woods

Brenda's Completed Bears in the Woods Quilt

Brenda’s Completed Bears in the Woods Quilt

When I received Brenda’s Bears in the Woods quilt, her instructions were to quilt as I saw fit.  I truly enjoy when quilters allow me free reign with finishing their quilts.  Here’s what I did: [Read more…]

A Woodland Quilt

lindasquilt1In November of 2014 my friend Linda asked me to make a quilt for her son for CHRISTMAS 2014!  She wanted something with a woodsy theme and told me her son loved fishing.  Linda and her husband have a small cabin on their property. The wheels in my head started turning…. [Read more…]


dennissquiltYup, seven years to make this McKenna Ryan quilt…..  But let me explain.  I started the project and then put it away.  I picked it up again.  And put it away.  Several more repeats of the same and then I went to a quilt retreat with my Mom.  I “forced” myself to focus on this quilt.  And I did.  But STILL it wasn’t completed.  So then I started working on it at night while watching tv.  Well, at least until my hands cramped and my eyes crossed!

Seriously, it was a fun project and I would make another one.  McKenna Ryan sells fabrics for her quilts, but I chose to use scraps.  I’m glad I did!  Using scraps made my quilt more affordable.  In addition, I didn’t have the pressure or guilt hanging over me that I had spent bookoo bucks and hadn’t completed my project.  Quilters need to be thrifty at times…..

So what do you think of my quilt?


How To Square Your Backing Fabric

P1020545In a perfect world, fabric would be cut straight when we purchase it.  However, we don’t live in a perfect world…  Having a square backing for your quilt is essential.  Regardless of whether you tie your quilt, quilt it yourself, or send it to someone for long-arm quilting, this is IMPORTANT!!  No one can see the back as they’re creating magic on the front.

Squaring fabric is simple!  And it relieves tension…  And it makes this quilter thrilled when it’s done properly…  Sew — [Read more…]

Christmas Tree Skirt

We’ve just left behind the month of September, I know; but Christmas is right around the corner – especially if you’re a crafter like me!  I love the holidays, and I strive to make gifts every year.  I envision a year of giving only created pieces of myself…  Ah, to have all the time in the world to accomplish that!!

I do  love sewing holiday items like festive pillowcases, tablecloths, table runners, and Christmas Tree Skirts! [Read more…]