Christmas Tree Skirt

We've just left behind the month of September, I know; but Christmas is right around the corner - especially if you're a crafter like me!  I love the holidays, and I strive to make gifts every year.  I envision a year of giving only created pieces of … [Continue reading]

Reach for the Stars Quilt

My Mom receives Quilters Newsletter magazine regularly. On the cover one month was this quilt. She was so drawn to the colors and encouraged me to make the quilt at the same time.  I love making quilts with different blocks and so I … [Continue reading]

Passing on a Tradition

When my sons were four and five years old, they made their first quilts.  My oldest now towers over me at 6'4" and his brother looms over me at 6'.  The boys were fascinated with trains and spent hours playing near the quilting machine.  They would … [Continue reading]

Bernina Artista 200E

  Buying a new sewing machine can be daunting.  About ten years ago I purchased my Bernina Artista 200E sewing machine.  I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!  Then I was afraid of all it could do and whether I would use it to its … [Continue reading]


Thank you for visiting.  My goal is for this blog to be interactive.  If you have a question or would like information, let's start a conversation and delve into answers and ideas.  Perhaps there's a sewing technique you haven't dared to try because … [Continue reading]