Sewing a Holster

Coleman's Holster

Coleman’s Holster

Yup, a holster.  As in to hold a gun.  What’s the most unusual thing you have sewn?  I’m certain this is mine! [Read more…]

Continuous Bias Binding

Continuous Bias Binding

Continuous Bias Binding

When making a separate binding for your quilt, continuous bias binding is the way to go.  You can maneuver the binding more easily around corners, and it’s an economical way to use up leftover fabric from your quilt top. [Read more…]

Judy Niemeyer’s Cattails

Judy Niemeyer Cattails Border

Judy Niemeyer Cattails Border

Judy Niemeyer’s quilts are extremely detailed and colorful.  Lots of crisp points achieved by paper piecing.  When I was asked to longarm quilt a Cattails quilt, I was excited, intimidated, and eager! [Read more…]

Simple Stars

Unquilted Star Block

Unquilted Star Block

The instructions for longarm quilting this star quilt were to keep it simple without a lot of quilting.  Right away I knew I wanted the stars to be stitched in the ditch.  Initially I thought I would quilt loops and curls in the background.  I love that look, but it fancies up a block and isn’t what I’d call simple. [Read more…]

Sampler Quilting

Sampler Quilt

Sampler Quilt

Yesterday I completed this Sampler Quilt.  There were no specific instructions for design or thread color.  Here’s what I did: [Read more…]

Playing With Wool

Completed Moose - for now anyway!

Completed Moose – for now anyway!

While at the Maine Quilt Show, I saw quilt blocks made by needle felting and embroidery.  I don’t recall the teacher’s name, but I do remember she lived several states away.  Knowing a class with her would not be feasible, I have been trying to self-learn the process.  Here’s what I’ve been dabbling in: [Read more…]

Peg’s Paper Pieced Trees

Precision is found in paper piecing.  Getting crisp points is achieved easily with this method.  My friend and fellow quilter Peg is the Queen of Paper Piecing!  This is her latest project:

Peg's Paper Pieced Trees

Peg’s Paper Pieced Trees

Peg wanted her trees to “pop”.  She chose the quilting design and asked that I change thread colors to blend with each block.  Her border was quilted to represent bark.  You can see a small portion of the border in the previous photo.

Auditioning Thread Colors

Auditioning Thread Colors

Don’t you love these trees?!

Here is part of the back of her quilt.

Back of Peg's Quilted Trees

Back of Peg’s Quilted Trees

Thank you, Peg, for allowing me to quilt your trees and display the project here!


Suzan's Birdhouse Quilt

Suzan’s Birdhouse Quilt

Suzan made a birdhouse quilt for her daughter, Lucie, who lives in England.  At a quilt weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing Suzan work on her quilt.  She made pinwheels and trees along with birdhouse blocks.  To watch Suzan arrange and rearrange quilt blocks was fascinating.  She has a keen eye for the flow of colors and designs. [Read more…]

Maine Quilt Show

Aisles of Talent!

Aisles of Talent!

July 24, 2015 was a great day – a super day – one of the best days!  Traveling to Augusta with friends for Maine Quilt Show 2015 was just what I needed for quilting inspiration.  There were so many stunning quilts and such varied patterns, uses of color, even mediums of all sorts blended together.  This was my FIRST time at the Maine Quilt Show.  Summer’s are crazy, and I always say “next year”.  This was my “next year”!

My goal was to challenge myself with something new by way of long-arm quilting.  I was not disappointed!  The first quilt that jumped out at me – and everyone in my group – was a black, red, and white quilt.  Where the bird in this quilt didn’t excite me, the quilting sure did!  No offense to the bird.  Check out the detail!  There are hidden treasures, literally, in the quilting.  Notice in the second photo the quilted treasure chest.  See it?  Great use of quilting to enhance the quilt without detracting from the whole quilt.MQ BirdMQ Bird2

Here are more examples of quilting that excited me.  I wish the quilters had displayed the amount of hours it took them to create these masterpieces!MQ Backside quilting MQ Backside Quilting 2

Next show stopper for me was this woman.  She’s beautiful.  The colors grabbed me.  The quilting awed me.  Perfection.  I want to do something similar to this….someday!MQ Woman

Had to take a close-up of her.MQ Woman Detail

Next up:  Landscape Quilts.  I’ve been on a quest for the “correct” way to make a landscape quilt.  Guess what?  There is no correct way!  I saw lots of examples of landscapes and they all varied.

MQ Tree

Simple Quilting, Textured Tree. The orange in the blue fabric is achieved with thread!

MQ Seasons

Love the Four Season Idea!

MQ Landscape

Awesome Use of Borders

MQ Landscape Lake

This was made from a photo. Foolish me – didn’t get a picture of the photo. Great colors!

MQ Forest Sky

I LOVE THIS ONE! Makes me feel like I’m on the forest floor….

MQ Fall Forest

Speaks for itself, right?!!!!


MQ Sunflowers

Wonderful stitching!

And if that wasn’t enough, check out these flowers!  I really checked out these sunflowers.  Lots of beautiful threads create the effect, and I think the flowers were attached with some type of fusible.  How many stitches????

MQ Flower Basket Flowers

Color, detail, stunning!

3D flowers!  Amazing!  I’ve seen books on how to do this, but I’ve dutifully walked past telling myself I can’t do it, I shouldn’t do it.  But I WANT to do it!  Maybe next time, I’ll pause and at least take a peek….

My head is still whirling.  I’m hopeful the ideas stay sharp until I can create something with them.  And there’s always next year’s Show to inspire me!

Quilting With Minky!

Quilted Minky

Quilted Minky

Quilting started as a necessity.  People needed warm bedding in cold weather.  Our ancestors used scraps of fabric from wherever they could get them, even using grain sacks.  Beauty wasn’t the first goal; warmth was.  My! how times have changed!

[Read more…]