Splendid Sampler Lots of Love

Splendid Sampler Block 3 Lots of LoveTeeny, tiny pieces!  Block 3, Lots of Love, in the Splendid Sampler has convinced me to always keep my scraps because you just never know when they’ll be exactly what you need.

Before you begin, check out the tips on Melissa Corry’s Happy Quilting blog for making this block.  I found them very helpful and actually purchased spray starch for the first time before even attempting the block.  I’d heard from several people that this block was a tad challenging due to all those tiny pieces.  The smallest pieces are 1″ squares.

I have decided while making the Splendid Sampler I will not redo any blocks.  That does not mean I won’t redo seams, but I will make decisions on fabrics and not change my mind.  It’s interesting that while I want to use scraps, I still gravitate to purples.

splendid_button_4Funny story:  After I wrote the previous paragraph, I was using my seam ripper as I had sewn half of the small hearts for this block incorrectly!  Jinx!!  The Splendid Sampler has shown me that I am a more visual person than someone who reads the directions before they begin.  You’ll notice two of the small hearts have two fabrics in them.  Told you I wasn’t going to redo any blocks!!

My finished block measures larger than the 6 1/2″ unfinished size.  I know why it’s off.  Being an impatient person, I did not wait for the spray starch to dry completely.  In a busy life if you have only limited time to sew, you want to sew and not wait for starch to dry!  If my life wasn’t quite so busy, I would make another of these blocks without messing with starch.  My mom makes challenging blocks and presses them after they’re completed.  I’d like to try it this way and see if the size comes out better.  Actually, I bet Mom did hers this way.  I’ll have to ask.  And being Mom, I’m sure hers is exactly 6 1/2″.  I need more time with the master sewer!


  1. Like…I knew you’d find a use for those 1-inch squares!

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