Splendid Sampler Wings

#SplendidSampler Block 2Block number two uses 1 1/2″ pieces to make butterflies.  This block also has embroidered antennas. I do love to fiddle with tiny pieces and this block had LOTS of tiny pieces!  I found my fabrics in my stash.  When thinking about how I would construct this block, I was very tempted to use coordinating fabrics.  However, after diligently looking through my bin of scraps, I found a border print fabric that I thought would be great for adding zip and movement to the butterflies.  I like how they turned out.

Pinning the rows of Splendid Sampler WingsLots of pinning for the seams!

Unironed Splendid Sampler Wing BlockA first peek before the block is ironed.

#SplendidSampler Block 2Finished up my block by adding the embroidered antennas.  What do you think?


  1. Isn’t it amazing what a good press will do. Love the fabric you used for the butterflies – so real. A lovely block

  2. Thanks, Angie. This was a very fun block to do. Mine isn’t perfect… but I am pleased with the fabric choice in the butterflies. Are you doing the Splendid Sampler?

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