Sewing a Holster

Coleman's Holster

Coleman’s Holster

Yup, a holster.  As in to hold a gun.  What’s the most unusual thing you have sewn?  I’m certain this is mine!

My oldest son has a handgun with a scope.  He is left-handed.  From what I know about guns, which is minimal, these two facts make it difficult to find a holster that fits the gun and is functional.  And if I can make it, he doesn’t have to buy one!

I had a piece of Gore-Tex fabric purchased from a yard sale years ago, and Coleman agreed this would make a good outer covering.  We needed something durable but also something to pad the gun for our interior.  Coleman suggested an old pair of jeans.  He drew the design while I called Mom to ask if she still had her equipment to put on snaps.  She did.  Armed (get it? LOL) with my supplies, I left for Quilt Retreat.  I knew if I couldn’t figure this out, the women I sew with could.

My first roadblock was finding something stiff to place in the top of the holster.  Mom suggested template plastic.  I cut four strips to fit in the pocket I had sewn located at the top of the holster, or top of the scope.  After a quick trip to Marden’s, I had strapping material that would be used for a strap to hold the gun in place and a belt loop.

I put the snap on where I thought it should go, and quickly realized that I would need to fit the gun in the holster.  Glad that thought entered my mind and I waited until I got home before I finished sewing.

Notice the stiff band on top - the pocket where I placed template plastic.

Notice the stiff band on top – the pocket where I placed template plastic.

Remember that Coleman is left-handed?  I put the snap on the wrong side of the holster!  No problem.  We worked together putting the snap exactly where he wanted it, attached the strap and belt loop, fitted the gun inside, pinned and sewed the final seam, and DONE!

Or so I thought.  Coleman needs a flap to cover his scope so it doesn’t get scratched.  I’m thinking we’ll use some fleece that will be stretchy but soft.

It’s gratifying when asked if you can make something – AND YOU CAN!  I encourage all of you to step outside your comfort zone and try something new!

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