Peg’s Paper Pieced Trees

Precision is found in paper piecing.  Getting crisp points is achieved easily with this method.  My friend and fellow quilter Peg is the Queen of Paper Piecing!  This is her latest project:

Peg's Paper Pieced Trees

Peg’s Paper Pieced Trees

Peg wanted her trees to “pop”.  She chose the quilting design and asked that I change thread colors to blend with each block.  Her border was quilted to represent bark.  You can see a small portion of the border in the previous photo.

Auditioning Thread Colors

Auditioning Thread Colors

Don’t you love these trees?!

Here is part of the back of her quilt.

Back of Peg's Quilted Trees

Back of Peg’s Quilted Trees

Thank you, Peg, for allowing me to quilt your trees and display the project here!


  1. Wow…thanks Emily. I love the precision of paper piecing. No way I could have produced those sharp points with normal piecing methods. Your quilting did make the trees “pop”…exactly what I wanted. Many thanks to you for the thread color changes. I know it’s not an easy thing on your big machine. Love it!

  2. You’re welcome, Peg! Love quilting for you!!

  3. Wow! That is gorgeous! I love the trees, Peg, and love the way you chose to quilt it, Emily!

  4. The choice of quilting was all Peg too, Lucy. She had an idea and I went with it. You should make some trees also!

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