Suzan's Birdhouse Quilt

Suzan’s Birdhouse Quilt

Suzan made a birdhouse quilt for her daughter, Lucie, who lives in England.  At a quilt weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing Suzan work on her quilt.  She made pinwheels and trees along with birdhouse blocks.  To watch Suzan arrange and rearrange quilt blocks was fascinating.  She has a keen eye for the flow of colors and designs.

Suzan's quilt ready for longarm quilting

Suzan’s quilt ready for longarm quilting

Her instructions for quilting were outline obvious features – the birdhouses, birds, trees, and cats.  She chose a light thread color.  The rest she left up to me.

Chickadee in the trees

Chickadee in the trees

I knew right away that I would create a leafy vine on the outside border to enclose the quilt.  I also knew I would add birds, dragonflies, and butterflies along with flowers.  It’s a pleasure when I “know” what I’ll do for quilting designs.  I love to play while I quilt!

Back side of quilted birdhouse and birds

Back side of quilted birdhouse and birds

Here’s a Blue Jay.

Blue Jay

Blue Jay

Thanks, Suzan, for the pleasure of working on your special quilt for Lucie!






  1. Suzan de Lison says:

    It’s lovely, Emily, so thank you. I did a French binding in a small green ivy print so now it’s finished and Lucie will receive it next week. So far she has only seen photographs and is intrigued by your quilting. I find new motifs in it every time I look at your design.

  2. Suzan de Lison says:

    I need to make a label. Joanna sometimes prints hers on plain cotton and then soaks them in vinegar to set the ink. I should give that a try.

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