Circle Quilt

Circle Quilt from "Quilts Without Corners"

Circle Quilt from “Quilts Without Corners”

When a group of quilters get an idea… it’s a wonderful thing!  My friend Jolene found a book detailing how to make circle quilts, “Quilts without Corners”.  Our group jumped at the project.  Here’s the process of my quilt:

My stash is loaded with certain colors: rust and green.  I love them!  I actually have fabrics that “are too awesome to cut”!  What’s with that?  For this project I took the leap and decided to boldly use some of my “awesome” fabric.  Previously I made a pact I am not buying more fabric until what I already have is reduced greatly.  Unless there’s a spectacular sale…  or unless it’s just too beautiful to pass up…  Once a quilter, always a quilter I say!


18 Wedges

18 Wedges

I used 18 colors.  Long strips are cut and then sewn together.  Next wedges are cut from the center of the sewn strips using a special ruler.  There is a template in the back of the book, but having the ruler is so much more convenient.  It’s important to label your strips from 1 – 18.  Save your scraps from this cutting to make another circle quilt.  Honestly, I think I’m going to like the second circle more because it looks more scrappy.

18 Wedges

18 Wedges

The book is very clear about how to sew your wedges together.  There are several options of designs, but I chose mine specifically for friends who are getting married – in a WEEK!!  Need to get this project wrapped up!!  I have embroidered their names and date in the center.  There are directions for doing a different center that is pieced and makes the spiral begin at the very center of the quilt.

This morning I woke up thinking about how to quilt this project.  My friends love hiking so I was thinking of leaves swirling out from the center.  Then I thought about just curved lines from the center out.  I decided on quilting flowers and leaves swirling out to enhance the effect of the spiral while keeping with a nature theme.

I bound the quilt with a continuous bias binding out of one of the colors — RUST!  (my favorite)  Circle anything needs a bias binding.  There’s more give when going around the corner.

Great project!  Thanks to Jolene and the Gang for inspiring me to get this accomplished!


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