Christmas Tree Skirt

We’ve just left behind the month of September, I know; but Christmas is right around the corner – especially if you’re a crafter like me!  I love the holidays, and I strive to make gifts every year.  I envision a year of giving only created pieces of myself…  Ah, to have all the time in the world to accomplish that!!

I do  love sewing holiday items like festive pillowcases, tablecloths, table runners, and Christmas Tree Skirts!

My tree skirt is getting old; and while I love it, it’s time for it to be replaced.  Who knows?  Maybe I can whip up a couple extras for gifts!!  I have found the perfect pattern that is not overly complicated with very clear directions. It’s from Thangles and called simply Thangles 2002 Treeskirt. I’m certain I can sew it up and get it quilted before Thanksgiving.  I hope…

Picking fabric is so enjoyable for me. I love all the options of color, print, and fabric line. I have found shopping online to be so convenient.  Check out Craftsy Fabric online.  My pattern calls for focus fabric and two other coordinates. I’m pretty traditional when it comes to Christmas so my colors will be red, green, and white. Although a deep burgundy, sage, and cream seem to be jumping out at me. Is that still considered traditional? I think so in a subtle country way.

tree skirtP1020551Confession time:  I wanted to snap photos of the whole process, but I got swept up in this project and voila!  My treeskirt is complete!!!  You’ll notice there is a slit and circle cutout so the skirt flows around the tree stand.  When choosing the backing fabric, I decided to go with a summer print.  Now my Christmas skirt gets dual usage as a summer table topper.  I just place a candle stand in the circle cutout.  Cool or what?




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